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  • Why HR needs to embrace the digital age

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  • Japan PM Visits India Amid Rising China Tensions

    In this live interview with Bloomberg TV, Dr. Anil Gupta commented that India seeks to benefit from Japanese investment and technology in India's infrastructure building boom. Japan sees in India a rising ally in Asia's geopolitical balance.

  • BRICS Looking To Expand Influence

    In her interview with CNBC, Haiyan Wang pointed out that BRICS could tap into China's Belt and Road Initiative to expand connectivity and deepen economic cooperation.

  • What to Expect from the 9th BRICS Summit

    On the eve of the 9th BRICS Summit in China, Haiyan Wang discusses on CGTN what to expect and the merit of BRICS Plus. China sees the coming decade as a golden period for expanding the power and influence of the bloc on the global stage.

  • Multinationals in China: A Harder Road Ahead

    Anil Gupta comments that, given slower growth in China, over capacity in many industries, and rising sophistication among shoppers, branding and differentiation are vital.

  • Where Would You Put Your Money: China or India

    Anchor Christie Lou Stout interviews Haiyan Wang and two other panelists in a CNN special feature on China and India.

  • China’s New Two Child Policy

    In a live interview, CCTV America interviews Haiyan Wang about the implications of China’s new and just-announced two child policy. +Read full article

  • Innovation Helps Emerging Multinationals Race Ahead

    Anil Gupta comments that, emerging multinationals’ innovations are in two categories: market-driven and technology-driven. The bulk tend to be highly market-driven. He places Haier’s innovation in this category. +Read full article

  • Make in India: Lessons from China

    India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has rightly picked Make in India as the most important plank in his drive to help accelerate the country's rise towards becoming an economic superpower. +Read full article

  • Stay the Course on Investing in Asia

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  • India and China: Friends, foes or frenemies?

    When President Xi Jinping welcomes Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to China on Thursday, both leaders will be well aware that, by 2025, their nations will be two of the three largest economies in the world. +Read full article

  • Asia’s Best Kept Secret – China’s Improving Ties with India

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  • China will trim its promised investments in India

    Worried about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's friendship with Japan and the United States, China is poised to pare down its promised investment in India from $20 billion over the next five years to less than $10 billion. With a narrower focus, China will push ahead with two industrial parks in India. Future investment could spread to electronics, food-processing, mining, renewable energy, and telecommunications. +Read full article

  • The Complex Relationship Between China and India

    Insight on President Xi's visit to India and the relationship between the two countries, CCTV America was joined by Wang Haiyan, the managing partner of the China India Institute, a research consultancy focused on the transformational rise of China and India. Haiyan Wang, +Read full article

  • Perspectives on BRICS Bank – Part I

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  • Perspectives on BRICS Bank – Part II

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  • The Silk Road Rediscovered

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  • Tough Gong for MNCs in China

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  • Golden Moment for China India Cooperation

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  • Modi’s Direction Has Been Clear and Positive

    In this TV interview, Anil K. Gupta says that China and India’s economic relations over the next five years will be more defined by investment. Modi’s efforts to revive India’s infrastructure will attract Chinese FDI. Anil Gupta, +Read full article

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